Oklahoma State University

Pinkston Education Facility

Attn:  Kevin Shelton, Coordinator

127 Noble Research Center

Stillwater, OK  74078

Phone:  405.744.1060

FAX:  405.744.6039




Welcome to the Pinkston Education Facility

Our Mission:

"To present both standard and unique construction methods and materials that represent situations typically encountered during the application of a termite control program (liquid or bait)."



Upcoming Training Sessions:


Things you need to do prior to attending a training session:

  1. pass the core exam
  2. pass the category exam
  3. contact Ag Conferences to check on available class space
  4. Click Here to Register for Practicals


2015 Training Schedule
General Pest (7a)
Structural (7b)
Fumgation (7c)
Jan 13
--- ---
Mar 24 Mar 25-26 March 31
May 5 May 6-7 ---
July 7 July 8-9 ---
Sept 1 Sept 2-3 Sept 29
Nov 17 Nov 18-19 ---




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